Trust and Building Trust!

I don’t know about you but I know what I have to do in order for me to become a valuable contributor to the organization in which I am a part, or a productive member of a society in which I am obligated to be a loyal member. On top of everything else, I must be able to feel good about myself. From family to society, we cannot survive if no one is able to trust each other. Trust is a crucial ingredient for everything we do. Without trust or the lack of it, transparency will not work. Without trust or the lack of trust, your true feelings, your integrity, and your honesty will be used against you. When trust is not part of the organizational culture, all organizations will fail as everyone will keep all the information and all their feelings to themselves. Organizations cannot grow when this happens; therefore, the job of an effective leader is to create trust but leaders must prove first that they can be trusted. Their actions and behaviors tell a lot about who they truly are. Leaders, in my view, have the moral obligations to build trustworthy organizations and to contribute positively and ethically to society. These are my views

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