Tweeting a new vision for transportation in Michigan

The Michigan Municipal League along with Let’s Save Michigan hosted a conversation on Twitter this week to address the need for new transportation systems in the state. The Twitter talk invited experts to share their ideas and answer questions in an online forum with a goal of informing the governor’s new transportation and infrastructure plan, which will be unveiled next month. “The way we fund — the way we even think about — transportation in this state remains essentially unchanged from the way we did in the 1950s. It’s obvious that a 1950s system isn’t sufficient for a 21st century economy,” said MML executive director Dan Gilmartin. “A new vision is essential for Michigan’s economic recovery.” People can follow the conversation using the Twitter hashtag #MiTransVision. Link to full story in The City Fix.

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Allison Primack

It is really cool that the Michigan Municipal League was able to look to Twitter to get public feedback. Do you know how many users weighed in to the conversation? And were they all Michigan natives, or experts from around the country?