Twitter and the Job Search

Q: what is the best way to use twitter to get noticed and to job search?


There are many ways to use Twitter for the job search. First, following organizations and people who tweet about topics of interest to you is an excellent way to gather information about trends that affect your job market. Following or retweeting the tweets of an organization you care about is a good way to get noticed by that organization, especially if the organization has a good social media strategy. Showing that you follow an organization puts you ahead of others in several ways: you are aware of what the organization is involved with, and you are added to an insider community of people who care about that organization. Some organizations even tweet their jobs, which broadcasts job opportunities to people who have already expressed interest in the organization.

Secondly, by tweeting about things of interest to others in your field, you can gain the attention of others and gain followers, who then may consider you for jobs and/or become more aware of you. You can tweet articles, retweet others’ posts, reflect on relevant current events, etc. and eventually become noticed as a thought leader in your field. Ideally, you will get “listed” on other people’s lists–and by getting listed you will also get a good idea of what the world thinks of you and your brand, because you can then see who else is on the same list and who they are.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks for the tips, Heather. I’m wondering how many avid fans of a company or organization have caught the attention of recruiters and received an invitation to apply for a job because of their passionate support. Got any of those examples off the top of your head?

Also, folks can follow @govgigs for the latest government jobs posted on GovLoop.