U.S. Postal Service Headquarters Campaign Kickoff

On October 1st 2013, The U.S. Postal Service Headquarters held their Campaign Kickoff with the Deputy Postmaster General presiding over the grand event.

Not snow, nor rain, nor government shutdown will keep the U.S. Postal Service from their appointed rounds and the kickoff was just another example of how dedicated the U.S. Postal Service is to serving the community.

The employees were inspired by the tale of Amaya Robinson, the niece of a fellow colleague. Amaya was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and is being assisted by several CFC charities. Her story reinforced their belief in the CFC and fired them up for the campaign ahead.

The audience received a special treat as jazz star Brian Lenair and his band put on a captivating performance to finish off a wonderful kickoff event.

Stay tuned to this blog as we come back with some more exciting kickoff stories.

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