Understanding the Federal Application is Not Easy!

Each day I receive many phone calls about the frustrations of applying for a federal job. Being a good listener and a compassionate heart is needed to ease the stress of each frantic caller. I always reply “I know what you are going through.” After having been a government contractor for over 10 years, I understand.

I go back to the old CHART, CPOL, AVUE CENTRAL days, when the systems required detail for each job, key words and written essays known as Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs). Believe me I do understand the frustrations. I remember the days when you would begin to enter the information into the system and then it disappeared … much patience was required.

In 2011, the KSAs were eliminated and the process would be much easier. I became excited to hear that announcement of the new “President’s Executive Order” by the Office of Personnel Management.Unfortunately, the complexity of the process would be reduced or eliminated. Unfortunately, the process became even more complex.

Now, after a decade of providing training to over a 1000 individuals from federal employees, veterans, disabled veterans and career changers, I consider myself the expert. I am now ready to help anyone who would like my assistance with the complexities of the federal application process. I may not always have the answer to a question, but if I don’t know the answer, I will find it.

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