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Who Needs Process Improvement?

Process improvement can be difficult to implement in organizations where business has been performed the same way for a long period of time. Illustrating simple every changes that we make in our every day lives where we are improving process informally can sparking the discussion on how things can be different.

How to Keep Organization Processes Resilient

Regardless of their complexity, most organization processes will start to evolve towards atrophy and/or rigidity starting soon after they’ve been implemented.  It’s inevitable as it’s tied to our inherent human natures and how we function in organizations. The purpose of most processes, in addition to achieving an objective, is to become a standardized and routine… Read more »

Try Crowdsourcing: No Surprises on Election Day

It’s no surprise that local governments are utilizing crowdsourcing to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing, after all, uses some of the same basic tenets as democracy: where the decisions that serve a body are governed by the majority. Crowdsourcing is being used as a means to allocate budgets, cut waste, and solve longstanding… Read more »

Order Out Of Everyday

Jack and I were comparing notes. We are working with several new companies, and a first step is to figure out what we have to work with. Early conversations tend to go on and not provide much direction, except to wear everyone out. However, recapping those conversations on a single sheet of paper sharpens everyone’s… Read more »

60% of People Find Process Problems Biggest Issue Impacting Performance

Poor processes equals pissed off employees! Pissed off employees equals pissed off customers and constituents. We all have things that annoy us about our job. When you spend nearly 40% of your day (or more) in the office, you’re likely to find a few things frustrating. An overwhelming 60 % of people said poor processes… Read more »