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So despite the fact that I only left Vancouver once(!) in August, things have been quite busy. Lots of work.

September and onwards is going to be a bear however. Lots of travel so I thought I would lay everything out in case their is overlap with readers, friends and/or clients who might be interested in catching up. Friends and colleagues who don’t already should definitely connect with me on Tripit. Awesome service. Like Dopplr, but on steroids.

So what’s on tap?

DjangoCon Keynote – Portland, Oregon, September 6th

I’ll be giving the keynote on the opening day of DjangoCon in Portland. I’ll be talking about open source community management and in particular the use of metrics and negotiation theory to rethink how communities self organize, engage new contributors and resolve differences.

Panelist, Transparency: Towards a New Generation – Mexico City, September 9th

In Mexico I’ll be doing a panel, for Mexico National Transparency Week, on the future of open government and open data, along with Andres Hoffmann, the General Director of Revista Politica Digital and Jose Eduardo Romão, the Ombudsman for Brazil’s Office of the Comptroller General. Mrs. Maria Marvan, IFAI Commissioner, will be moderating.

Negotiation and Collaborating in Open Source Communities, Mozilla All-Hands – San Diego, September 12-15

This is a event for Mozilla community members only – providing training on negotiating skills.

Interview with Charles Leadbeater (to be confirmed) – Toronto, September 19th

Obviously I’m a big admirer of Charles Leadbeater’s work. SIG is organizing an event in Toronto and Vancouver that week and if you are able I strongly encourage you to check them out.

Open Government Partnership Launch – New York, September 20th

No talk here, just excited to have been invited to the launch of the Open Government Partnership to serve as an expert. With luck, the Canadian Government will sign on and I won’t be only Canadian in room.

Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Speech – Vancouver, September 21st

The Real Estate Industry is changing. I’ve done some thinking on this subject and will be sharing how I think some emerging trends, along with open data and the competition bureau’s decision will alter the real estate landscape.

Breakfast talk on Net Neutrality and the Digital Economy in Canada – Vancouver, September 23rd

Joyce Murray, the MP for Vancouver Quadra holds regular gatherings where people like Dr. Julio Montaner (AIDS expert) and Dr. Karen Bakker (water expert) come and give brief talks. She’s asked me to come and talk on the internet, government surveillance and the digital economy. I’ll be talking around 8am at the Enigma Restaurant at W10th and Trimble.

Negotiation Work – San Francisco, September 28-29th

Some negotiation consulting for a client, but I’ll be in the Bay Area.

Panel on Open Data: A World of Possibilities – Ottawa, October 5th

I’ll be doing a panel at the 7th International Conference of Information Commissioners on “Open data: A world of possibilities” with Elizabeth Denham British Columbia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner (who, surprisingly, I’ve never met). We’ll be talking about how open data can generate innovation and economic opportunities as well as stimulate citizen engagement.

British Columbia Real Estate Association Speech– Vancouver, October 6th

Co-Chair, the Code For America Summit – San Francisco, October 13-14th

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit – Portland, October 15-16th

I may be giving a talk at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit as well – waiting to hear the full plan. Definitely going to be working on some cool community management stuff with some of some Drupal community members. Promises to be fun.

Opening Keynote, Open Government Data Camp (tentative)- Warsaw, Poland, October 21st

Okay, so that’s about it. There’s a few things in there that are missing, some for personal travel, some for other clients. I have of course, also updated my public speaking page, so you can catch all of this, and other emerging things, there.

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