US officials must monitor use of Web 2.0 apps in Mumbai

I just did a post on my blog ( about how prolific use of Web 2.0 tools such as Twitter (especially!), Flickr, and YouTube has been in Mumbai.

US officials need to closely monitor the usage patterns and content to see how these tools, which people will use whether or not officials want them to, and start educating the public about how to use these tools productively to provide valuable situational awareness, and must begin to routinely monitor them in disasters….

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Don Jacobson

David – Could I ask that you post the full URL of your blog posting? For some reason, is one of the many sites blocked in Saudi Arabia.

As a consular officer, I always need to be looking for effective ways to communicate with Americans during a crisis. So I’d love to see your observations about uses of Web 2.0 tools during the terrible attacks in Mumbai.