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Internet of Things technology installed on flight #370 could have avoided the disaster!

I blogged today that, unless the engines on Flight 370 used some sort of proprietary communications protocol, it should have been possible for the airline and the flight tower to have had simultaneous REAL-TIME access to the engine data: the problem is that Internet of Things technology is ahead of management practices to capitalize onRead… Read more »

Gov./Private Sector Collaboration Vital to Improve Internet of Things’ Security and Privacy Standards

This op-ed ran yesterday in The Hill. In it, Chris Rezendes and I argue that all of the Internet of Things’ potential to transform every aspect of our lives (especially government!) is at risk unless there’s a concerted, collaborative effort by the private sector and government (Shame on the Obama Administration: the FTC is theRead… Read more »

New IDC report that Internet of Things has reached “tipping point” for government applications!

Hi! I just blogged a new report from IDC, The Coming of Age of the Internet of Things in Government. The report concludes that: “The Internet of Things is reaching a tipping point that will make it a sustainable paradigm for practical applications. The public sector’s use of the IoT is still limited but emergingRead… Read more »

Astounding that US government is blissfully unaware of Internet of Things & its impact!

The Internet of Things — linking devices ranging from smartphones to cars’ computers to industrial sensors via the same Internet that we use — has been a technical reality since 2008 (more “things” than people are now connected), and by 2015 IBM predicts 1 TRILLION things will be linked. Yet it is impossible to findRead… Read more »

A manifesto for liberating data

My book, “Data Dynamite: how liberating information will transform our world,” is in print! Because I argue in the book that liberating data can have the same transformative effect that Martin Luther had translating the Bible into vernacular German and printing it instead of copying it, I ended the book with my variation on Luther’sRead… Read more »

Wondering if you’re getting, using the same real-time data feeds you’re providing publicly

After far too long, my “Data Dynamite: unleash information to transform our world” book is finally in the editing stages, and should be released as an e-book later this winter. One of the key points is that we need to think holistically about data (especially tagged data), so that there are unified strategies for internallyRead… Read more »

Smart use of social media in terrorist attacks, disasters.

With the State Department warning to Americans traveling in Europe regarding possible coordinated terror attacks, I’ve just uploaded to Slideshare my preso @ the State Dept.’s Foreign Service Institute in April about smart use of Twitter & other social media apps. in a disaster. Hope you’ll pass it on to anyone at risk. Thanks.

BP oil spill calls for a win-win Regulation 3.0 approach

I’m going to be submitting this as an op-ed later today. Any comments would be gratefully appreciated! The Off-shore Oil Crisis Demands a Switch to Win-Win Regulation 3.0 Strategy by W. David Stephenson The Obama Administration’s proposal to make the off-shore oil drilling safety program independent of the Minerals Management Service doesn’t address a moreRead… Read more »

On April 15th, think of TurboTax as model for local government’s reports (& federal reporting in general

This ran yesterday in TechPresident. Since then I’ve gotten a number of favorable responses, including several that suggested the government should actually consider having Intuit design the site. As I thought more about it, it seems to me that this approach — of a process in which muncipalities and states wouldn’t have to make anyRead… Read more »