Great discussions happening here on management and governance!

It’s topical all over it seems. And the bane of my existence 😉

There are some great discussions happening on how to manage the web – what teams are there invovled, who does what, and why, and what works and what doesn’t. It’s one I’m keen on watching, so I’d like to see what others have to say – if you’re in NZ especially, for God’s sake go and say something! 🙂 Definitely go and take a look at this post: Where in your agency is Web managed?

There is also some good discussion happening around content management, central or decentralised models. What works? What do people do? I was surprised to see how lucky we are that people in our business want to take up the role. There are people worried that it won’t happen. Yes it’s an issue that it’s not something recognised formally in role descriptions etc, but we don’t have that either and it’s not an issue. It is something we could do better though – an interesting discussion to watch unfold. Read the discussion: Decentralizing Content Management

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