USA is 3 out of 10 in cyber, Deployed soldiers will be carrying

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • US CYBERCOM commander, General Alexander reports that the US is only a 3 of 10 in cyber preparedness. Alexander further stated that they are focusing on defense, due to the difficulties with cyber attack attribution. Via FedScoop, more here.
  • Deployed soldiers will be carrying sensors in Afghanistan to collect shock data. This data could help provide information on concussions and mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) that are plaguing US forces. Via Engadget, here.
  • The National Coordinator for Health IT creates app challenge – this organization is challenging developers to help users take self-administered heart assessment that can help inform healthcare providers.
  • BAH creates Wargame that examines the future of US infrastructure. This used a group of government, civic and industry thought leaders to develop regional specific initiatives. Via Net-Security, more here.
  • French CEO unveils BIOS replacing super attack software. The software, Rakshasa, replaces the BIOS and can penetrate a system without leaving any traces on the harddrive. This proof-of-concept malware uses the iPXE firmware to download the malware and flash it every time the computer boots. Via Network World, more here.

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