Use a Word Cloud to See if You Are Emphasizing the Right Keywords in Your Resume

Word Cloud. You’ve probably seen one but may not have realized what it is. A word cloud is a randomly arranged combination of words or phrases meant to visually represent the words or ideas that are most prominent in a document. The more a phrase or word appears in a document, the larger it will appear in the word cloud.

You can create a word cloud with Wordle, a free online tool. Just enter your document or phrases into their form and you’ve got your word cloud.

How is this relevant to your job search? As you know you should tailor your resume to each position you apply for, making sure to include relevant keywords for the position. Wordle your resume. Are the primary job requirements the largest words in your word cloud? Or are you emphasizing the wrong words or phrases?

Run your networking resume through Wordle as well. Did you highlight the skill sets you thought you were highlighting?

This isn’t a no-fail process, but it provides a different perspective on your resume that you may find insightful.

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Victoria A. Runkle

Understanding this is just one perspective…. it does provide an interesting one. Think I need to “change it up” a bit. Thank you!

Andrew Nebus

I did this about a month ago and found I had used the word “including” something like 16 times! An interesting way to look at things that can really help in several ways, including…. D’oh, there I go again!

Brett de Boisserre

Nice post Kathleen! I like. It will be interesting to see if I am really communicating what I thought I was communicating. Thanks!


Thanks for surfacing this interesting tool. My software career goes over several decades so I expected to see a cloud from my resume that was different from what appeared. I need to go back and tweak my resume now. The cloud showed an application platform predominantly in the middle although I have more classes, training, and experience in other areas.