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Resume Whitening

Hiring for cultural fit just hit a new high — or maybe a new low — when a University of Toronto study was released that indicated that 40% of people of color job candidates “whiten” their resumes by using more English sounding names and removing language that identifies them with their subordinate racial group. Here… Read more »

Get Your Resume Government- Ready

There’s no shortage of government resume tips out there. Whether it’s a federal or state and local position, it’s important to understand how to strengthen your overall resume for government. GovLoop has a number of resources to help you government-ize your resume. But what if you are just entering the government workforce or barely have… Read more »

Write Your Resume like Your Obituary

What if leaders wrote their resumes like their obituaries? Would future employers know them better? Could they identify their dreams, energies and passions as well as skills, knowledge and abilities? Would employers know if these candidates? • Served others rather than being served. • Developed people rather than controlled people. • Tried to impact people… Read more »