Valid Performance Appraisal

What constitutes a valid performance appraisal? What raters should know to avoid legal challenges in court?

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Carol Davison

This performance alchemists opinion: A performance appraisal is valid when written against critical elements, metrics and measures assigned to the employee at least (90 or 120) day days beforehand. A supervisor can easily assign a successful rating. Anything above or below will probably have to be proven to either superior raters who know that other employees are “in competition” (but not legally) with the one the supervisor is rating, or Employee Relations who will ask you to demonstrate that you tried to manage the employee to successful performance as will ask for notes on counseling sessions, examples of faulty analysis, bad reporting, etc. Your organizaiton’s performance office, OGC or union may have more relevant input. Why do you ask?

Carol Davison

If you want a well written performance appraisal I suggest that you draft one for your supervisors consideration and provide documentaiton as to why you warrant it. If all they have to do is sign it and not think they may do so. It works the same if you want to be reclassified to a higher grade, have training approved, etc. This is the easiest way to get everything accomplished.