Value of Twitter (microblogging) inside government

Here’s a link to another blog about the value of microblogging which I responded to. Hope you all find it useful and I hope it generates some discussion.


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Gerry La Londe-Berg

I did a small experiment in our county division office. We have a chalk (yes real chalk) board in the break room to post jokes, compliments, questions, etc. I surveyed the questions: “Who does twitter and who does Facebook? Two (2) people were on Twitter and twelve respondents weren’t, 3 were on Facebook and 11 were not. I would have expected more since we are a younger group of staff. I surmised that the electronic interconnectivity isn’t happening yet because the day to day work gets the attention. Of course, this is as it should be.

For Twitter, the internal uses haven’t evolved. I also think that the inability to use a Twitter archive is a big disincentive.

A local media consultant, Gina Cuclis, has written a few pieces on the Twitter topic which may be informative.

Jaime Gracia

As I posted, I doubt that microblogging inside a Federal firewall will see the same findings as this study. Feds will not use internal social media tools to discuss what they had for breakfast. There are rules and guidelines in place, and the use on social media inside Government will help transfer vital knowledge and be a valuable source for information to increase productivity and effectiveness. There is an enormous potential for Government use of social media, and I hope that it continues.