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Time flies

With all the social media platforms and collaboration going on, I managed to miss out on all the great posts and discussions on GovLoop. I’ve spent a lot of time on private platforms over the last couple of years, which is very enriching and productive, but I thought it was time to check on myRead… Read more »

Fish-bone diagrams and leadership

The following was part of a dialogue with a colleague regarding leadership influence in an organization, problem-solving, and my thoughts on my approach to leadership from 2007. The response uses several concepts from books we were discussing regarding strategy, change, and leadership to highlight one approach to leading change and facilitating innovation. The references areRead… Read more »

Microblogging on Intelink

The Intelink has a microblogging capability called eChirp. The service was established to enhance information sharing, collaboration, and situational awareness on the three Intelink networks. Anyone having acess to Intelink and an Intelink Passport may use eChirp.

Aligning social networks with strategy

In a book by Rob Cross and Robert Thomas entitled “Driving Results Through Social Networks”, I thought the following challenge epitomizes what the government must address regarding social networking software. Work and innovation are inherently collaborative endeavors, but as the need for collaboration increases, the demands of people’s time rises. The answer is not moreRead… Read more »


I think microblogging inside organizations can be a transformative, disruptive technology to enable faster, more succinct communications. Anyone using microblogging inside their firewall? How is it helping or hindering work, results, and decision making? Do you think microblogging is useful for collaboration, instant messaging, status sharing, and situational awareness? Do you know of any successRead… Read more »

Wall maps

I’m doing a personal project which requires wall maps to provide people information on services for their area. I’m looking for wall maps that have street level details for Northern Virginia communities. What is the best place to purchase local area street maps that may be laminated and posted on bulletin boards? I’m looking forRead… Read more »

IT Governance-What’s your description?

I’m searching for descriptions of IT governance to understand how our community and the various levels of government approach the process in their organization. Appreciate any descriptions, long or short, based on your personal experiences.

Re-blog of Social Media Overview from my LinkedIn Group

I posted the following to LinkedIn and thought that this would be a good place to re-blog it….appreciate feedback. Social media consists of tools like FaceBook, , LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter, to name a few. These and many other web-based tools are known as Web 2.0. Web 2.0 also includes Google and all itsRead… Read more »

Transparency Camp

Today in Washington at the George Washington University campus, people from across the spectrum are coming together to discuss transparency in government. I am not available to attend in person, but I’m following the discussions and observations on Twitter (#tcamp09). The website is available at The website states: This un-conference is about convening aRead… Read more »