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Virginia releases Information Management System RFP

Deltek Analyst Kristin Howe reports.

The Virginia State Police (VSP) released a solicitation for the long-awaited Virginia Intelligence Management System (VIMS) project. This system will be used in the Virginia Fusion Center (VFC), which works to assemble federal, state and local law enforcement officials in one facility. Fusion centers were designed to help facilitate communication and improve the information-sharing environments between different agencies and departments. The VFC uses analyst resources from the Virginia State Police, the Department of Emergency Management and the Department of Fire Programs with support from VSP special agents.
The VIMS system will help the VSP provide the fusion center with more timely and accurate data and analysis. It will be used to track intelligence gathered from several agencies at all levels as well as from relevant commercial sources. When brought together, these disparate pieces of information may create a pattern of situations or behaviors that provide warning of a security threat that might not have been realized otherwise. This type of system will allow for as much information as possible to flow freely through channels and allow previously unseen connections to be made.
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