Jersey Shore’s Snooki and JWoww are NOT coming to my city. Should I be sad about it?

My little town of Hoboken, NJ–birthplace of Frank Sinatra–already has a reality TV star–Buddy of “Cake Boss” fame. And we might have had two more–JWoww and Snooki of “Jersey Shore”–had our mayor Dawn Zimmer not put the kibosh on it. Hoboken, already overcrowded and undersupplied with parking spaces, would have had to deal with 24-hour film crews.The mayor admitted that she didn’t really care for the Jersey Shore image. (The announcement that Hoboken would not be home to the Snooki spin-off garnered 293 likes and 76 shares on the city’s Facebook page, the most I’ve ever seen.)

On the other hand, The Jersey Shore ladies claim that they would have brought income to the town.They also didn’t know who the mayor was.

But Snooki has already had a run-in with another New Jersey mayor, Cory Booker, when he caught her tweeting while driving. And then DoT Secretary Ray LaHood took up Mayor Booker’s cause. If only Mayor Booker could have issued an instant Twitter-ticket, Snooki could have made a little cash for the city of Newark.

Fellow GovLoopers, what do you think? Does your town need a Snooki to bolster the economy and/or publicity? How do you feel about Mayor Booker and Secretary LaHood using Snooki as a “don’t tweet while you drive” example? Has your hometown had to deal with film crews and overly tan reality stars?

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