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Many of my friends | acquaintances know that my youngest son Jamie suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while working in Southern Maryland for Waldorf Ford and Dodge in January 2003. When you want your car the “next day” and that sales person says – “we can get it for you and have it here tomorrow” someone like Jamie is driving all day and all night to another state to get that auto for you. If you can – say no – give them enough time. Jamie went out without knowing inclement weather was coming and two hours from home hit black ice flew 50 feet into the forest – the rest is history. And, he was going the speed limit or less they said.

Presently, Jamie lives in Malvern Pennsylvania at a treatment center where he continues to make strides towards independent living.

Jamie is working on a book and keeps a blog – while I assist him with both – he really provides the “juice” and approves entries as well as dictates them. For the book, he is doing all the writing actually, which is hard as he has Parkinsonian tremors from medications. So my hat is off to him!

So, please take a minute to view Jamie’s Real-time TBI Survival Blog and leave him a comment to say – God’s speed, we love you, keep up the good work, your in our prayers, or some other kindness. I know everyone is “busy,” but Jamie is a “cool” guy and he was on the right track .. engaged to be married, going to college, working hard, kind, good natured, etc. and he was just 21 years old at the time of his injury.

I don’t usually ask for favors and know this isn’t “work,” but trying to spread the word about his blog so that he has something to look forward to. So take a minute and give him some good vibes.

Thanks everyone! ~Donna O’Que. (Jamie’s mom)

PS – Jamie always says…”Be careful on the drive home.” And, remember many of our military soldiers have TBI’s when they return home – knowing about a TBI may help increase the awareness.

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