Visualizing the ADA in 3-D

Tired of trying to get a curb ramp built that meets the ADA? Instead of photos of your kids are you carrying around pictures of a compliant curb ramp to show the contractor? Join the club – ever since the curb ramp section of the ADA was finalized, sidewalk design and construction have never been the same. The basic concept is simple; the need is imperative. However, getting it to all fit existing conditions and educating the contractor about the requirements have been the stumbling blocks.

This is why the Public Works Resource Center in Second Life has started a project to develop 3-D visualizations of the design solutions presented in the following Special Report: Accessible Public Rights-of-Way Planning and Design for Alterations, developed by PROWAAC. Perhaps seeing the designs in 3-D in a virtual environment can enhance the understanding of these regulations.
3-D Visualization of the Design Solution 1.01 in the PROWAAC Report
Some other ideas for using virtual worlds to increase understanding of the ADA requirements are:

  • Creating a virtual build of the existing conditions to try out different ideas. If this was built in a community area, others could come by and offer input and help working with a method similar to that of the Wikitecture project.
  • For training purposes, educators could build sample intersections and have students place pre-made components to show their understanding of the regulations.
  • For now, as each 3-D build becomes available, it will be added to a design solution libraries at the Public Works Resource Center in Second Life.

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Paulette Neal-Allen

Now *this* is a cool, useful purpose for SL! As an add-on, people that AREN’T compliant should have to navigate an SL version of their problem property using an SL character in a wheelchair.

Pam Broviak

Thanks! I love your idea about navigating it in a wheelchair in SL. Everyone who designs and builds these should at least have to do that.