Voices for Economic Recovery launches to build a connection for collaboration

Originally posted on Bright Side of Government
By Kristin Bockius, State & Local Government Social Media Marketing Manager

Without question the biggest common denominator to effectively jumpstart our economy is working together. Everyone who is dedicating their time to achieve economic stimulus goals across any state, county or city needs to have the capacity to listen, share and cooperate in a way that makes progress occur for recovery programs.

Governments and educational institutions are realizing the need to create and sustain economic programs under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Yet, many are still exploring how they can most efficiently create and save jobs, evolve educational programs and maintain services that benefits citizens. Even as we begin to see a few signs of economic stabilization in recent weeks, there is a significant amount of heavy lifting remaining. Moreover, collaboration across government agencies, schools and organizations is the only way to meet economic recovery goals.

To help boost real-time collaboration around stimulus programs, the new Voices for Economic Recovery online community is launching today. Hosted for Microsoft by Neighborhood America, Voices for Economic Recovery gives everyone in government and educational institutions the opportunity to listen, to speak and take action. It will serve as a national destination for economic stimulus and recovery collaboration and information sharing – an innovative forum that supports ARRA efforts.

Participation is easy! After a quick click to join, members may:

+ Start a conversation – ask a question or share a challenge so others members can offer suggestions and feedback
+ Add your voice – give feedback, share best practices or suggest an idea
+ Vote and comment on the voices of others – rank the best ideas to the top

Through active participation in Voices for Economic Recovery, members can help spark innovation in a way that leads to “go” on the road of recovery. Sharing and collaboration will take place in every major area in need of more innovation:

+ Education
+ Healthcare
+ Energy
+ Environmental Programs
+ Public Safety & Community Services
+ Transportation
+ Technology

Many things are at stake in our communities. However, we know that we can achieve great progress by sharing ideas, challenges and successes related to stimulus funds and economic recovery. Join, bookmark and share www.voices4recovery.com today and take a big step toward collaboration to put our nation and our citizens back on an exciting, thriving economic path.

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