Why You Should Volunteer


There is such a sense of peace when someone in need looks up and there is a volunteer to help.

But all too often, there is a shortage of volunteers. They are needed in every area and every level. First responders can change the course of one’s life just as one can by sitting with the elderly.

My first experience with volunteering was the Oklahoma tornado on May 3, 1999. I took a course through American Red Cross and I was on my way to OKC. Its a wonderful feeling when you can help a child find his/her parents or reunite a family with their pet. Although you can’t bring back their losses, you can be there every step in the recovery process.

My volunteering didn’t stop there.I now have a food pantry for the homeless and am a member of my county MRC. I have also been in disaster recovery for the last 10 years working with disaster survivors. Although volunteering with disasters isn’t for everyone, there are other forms of volunteering.

HOSPITALS always need people to sit with the babies

NURSING HOMES will happily open their doors for you

LIBRARIES are a great place to read to children

HOMELESS SHELTERS can always use an extra hand

ANIMAL SHELTERS need warm hearts to help care for the animals

If you feel a tug in your heart to volunteer, there is someone out there that needs your help.

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