Have You Found Your Talent?

Have you ever met someone that just seems to know EXACTLY what their purpose is in life? You know, the ones that do that one thing that just seems to come natural? What is a talent?  A talent is a special natural ability given to us all.  If you follow the desire, it eventually startsRead… Read more »

Balance Act

Let’s face it: we all have a work life and a home/personal life. Some choose to combine the two and others prefer to keep them separated. Either way can be done as it is a personal choice. One of the most challenging aspects of having a career and a family is separating one from the other.Read… Read more »

Why You Should Volunteer

There is such a sense of peace when someone in need looks up and there is a volunteer to help. But all too often, there is a shortage of volunteers. They are needed in every area and every level. First responders can change the course of one’s life just as one can by sitting with theRead… Read more »

Do You Have Some Free Time?

Working for the government is the most rewarding career choice one could have made but can also keep you quite busy with very little down time. Every branch of the government involves customer service, whether it be face to face, or behind the scenes. That would make us the largest customer service agency in America!!! Now with that beingRead… Read more »