Volunteering Keeps You Connected

This was originally posted at All Things Sterling.

Our customer varies in procurement, but it is usually the program manager who represents the end users. Unfortunately, there’s another constituent who is easy to forget: the taxpayer. We’re in cubes, on the phone and writing analyses, but it’s easy to forget that we also serve the American taxpayer.

That’s why it’s so important to volunteer — volunteering connects you with taxpayers

When you volunteer with them, you remember that taxpayers sacrifice their hard earned money to support the government. Money is tight for just about everyone these days, so that makes their sacrifice all the more important. When you remember their sacrifices, you better remember your responsibility as a contract management professional. It’s our job to honor their sacrifice by working hard and working smart.

Make the time to volunteer and connect with taxpayers. It will make a better professional. VolunteerMatch is a good way to find volunteer opportunities. I also recommend Young Government Leaders. It’s done wonders for my career and professional network. Chapters run everything from book clubs to community service. Follow these links to find your local chapter or start a new one.

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