Voting On Sex Booths!

Public referendums are an interesting way to allow citizens to have a direct vote and say on a particular issue. At times referendum issues can get a little strange such as the recent Los Angeles vote on whether porn stars should be required to wear a condom in adult videos. Requiring the wearing of condoms in adult videos passed with 56 percent of the vote.

The condom vote pales in comparison to a recent referendum put up for a vote in Switzerland. In March of this year voters in Zurich Switzerland passed a referendum requiring the expenditure of tax dollars to build drive-in sex boothsin an effort to move legalized prostitution out of public view. The building of sex booths passed with 52% of citizens in favor. Similar booths are in existence in the Netherlands and Germany.

Wow who says voting can’t be interesting!

If you are aware of other interesting referendum votes, please share them.

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