Washington Superior Court receives feasibility study for statewide case management implementation

Deltek Senior Analyst Jeff Webster reports.

On August 22, 2011, MTG Management Consultants released its draft feasibility study for the Washington Superior Court Management project. The feasibility study outlines plans for the state in implementing statewide case management architecture. MTG outlined four alternatives for the state, but based on risk and cost/benefit, reduced it to two options: central implementation and local implementation. Both of these projects aim to have a robust statewide case management system in place within the next three years. The costs of these options differ, but estimates put them around $30 million. Below is an outline of the two options, which have different contracting and procurement strategies.

Central implementation and hosting

This strategy would focus on a top-down approach that implements one case management system across the state. The statewide rollout consists of implementing the application in 23 small and medium district courts using three selectable configurations and averaging six months for each implementation. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) will implement eight small and medium courts each year. The nine large courts would have their own customized project plans and would average nine months for implementation.

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