Web 2.0 Survey Results

I have started to compile the results of our Web 2.0 survey. The results thus far have been interesting. 54% of employees responded that they are using Web 2.0 and 18% of employees are already using Web 2.0 in a professionally (I guess that we are behind in getting our Social Media Policy approved). We had anticipated that the majority of the employees using Web 2.0 for personal or professional reasons would be from the younger age groups (18-24 and 25 -34) in the survey, however the results showed an even distribution of Web 2.0 users below and above 45 years old for both categories. The top four recognized Web 2.0 technologies and the percent of respondents that are using that technology for volunteer or professional purposes are listed below:

 Social Networking Sites – Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
 Using for Volunteer or Professional – 0%
 Chat – AOL Chat, GoogleTalk
 Using for Volunteer or Professional – 6.67%
 Online Forums
 Using for Volunteer or Professional – 14.29%
 Image Sharing – Flickr, Zoto
 Using for Volunteer or Professional – 3.07%

The least recognized Web 2.0 technologies were:
 Social Bookmarking – (del.icio.us, digg, StumbleUpon)
 Podcasts – Audio or Video files for download

I will finish compiling the results are share more information that is interesting.

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Jeffrey Levy

How many respondents did you get? FWIW, your results are getting less and less surprising. In Facebook, for example, the fastest-growing segments are people 35 and up. I often find myself telling people these are tools for adults. Eventually, people will get that point.