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As we talked about earlier I wanted to follow up with an email.

We as DIT, want to keep the bandwidth and storage as low as possible because that is an easy way to save money. But we want to give great quality of service to our customers.

To accomplish all of those goals it is important and we agree that we should aim to keep as file size as low as possible buy following the following guidelines.

All Web Resources should be made Web Ready (this means setting resolution to 72dpi, Not outputting to Office Documents. No Tiffs)

That there are very few reasons that any web resource should be above 2 MEGS. If a resource is above that, it will be investigated for the reason why, The people who migrate to staging should be the people ensuring the limit is enforced.

Guidelines are just a guide it is also important to remember the other factors involved and that some exceptions are expected. This most likely will come in the form of PDFs and most likely less then 2% of the uploaded resources will qualify here.

1. If a resource is web ready and is greater then 2 megs but less then 4megs for a developer can promote to stage without extra permissions. I will do a yearly check to ensure quality.

2. If a resource is web ready and greater then 4 megs and less then 10 megs the file will come to me and I will try to figure out a new and exciting solution.

3. If a resource is web ready and greater then 10 megs it is no longer a good item for HTTP and needs to use FTP or another lossless system of transfer protocol.

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