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Starter for a Web Policy

Purpose: This policy’s main objective is to layout the ground rule for people interacting with the website. This is a living document and the policy is likely to change as needs or technology changes please check it before making an assumption. Scope: City of Richmond Virginia has several overlapping websites that are not all maintainedRead… Read more »

7 days and a 100 cities

Last week I posted about sending a request to several (100) cities whom used Google Analytic. The request was to be added to the GA account you can see the full request here So here is the results of what I have received so far. Time to be responded to. (with 26 responses) 1Read… Read more »

100 Cities that use Google Analytics

Why would I care well since the GA control panel can give out so much information I have written each of the cities asking for permission to be add to the security of GA with my Gmail account. This task takes less then 5 minutes and should give no private information. Being in control ofRead… Read more »

Web File size

As we talked about earlier I wanted to follow up with an email. We as DIT, want to keep the bandwidth and storage as low as possible because that is an easy way to save money. But we want to give great quality of service to our customers. To accomplish all of those goals itRead… Read more »

Google Analytics

I am doing some research and part of that is understand which cities are using Google Analytics So far the list is at 107 cities. Anyone interested in that list?

Software as a Service (draft) post

This is some documentation that I am doing for work. Software as a Service(SaaS) is using an outside resource to provide a Software Packages to the city so we do not need to build and maintain every application. History The city of Richmond has been doing this for sometime with web application. Although I doRead… Read more »