Wed Dec 15 Research in Progress (RIP) Lunchtime Discussion

Please join us at 12pm for the Research in Progress (RIP) Lunchtime discussion on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012!
Presentation topic:
“Translating from Drawing to Building”
In the early 16th century the professional role of the architect was rapidly changing amidst new technologies, profound shifts toward secularization, and the culture of Humanism. This dissertation centers on how the practice of architecture in 16th century Florence was both absorbing and inventing new ways of communicating and representing the building process. As we confront recent shifts in our own forms of representation and communication, many of these same questions remain surprisingly pertinent.
Jonathan Foote
Visiting Faculty, California Polytechnic State University
When: Wednesday, 15th February 2012
Venue: 3rd Floor Library, 1021 Prince Street
Looking forward to seeing all of you!!

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