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Week in review Nov 4th

Very bust week in politics and social media

  1. Dept. of Homeland Security looks to monitor social media ow.ly/7iTlT
  2. CIA monitors Facebook, Twitter: Five million tweets a day zd.net/rOVnS6
  3. Facebook surveillance claims first campaign victim ow.ly/7inDU
  4. In Social Media and Politics, Engagement and Influence Trumps Follower Count ow.ly/7ih3D
  5. How Presidential Candidates should use Social Media bit.ly/rvqYj5
  6. Boehner invites supporters to join ‘Team Boehner’ bit.ly/udOxzY
  7. Citizen 2.0 white paper highlights 17 examples of gov social media innovation bit.ly/tHembr
  8. Smart ways to use Social to leverage your Political coverage:tinyurl.com/3o6349e
  9. Government 2.0: How Mayor Emanuel Is Using Social Media to Engage Chicagoans: bit.ly/tz0o3E
  10. New @whitehouse@wethepeople Twitter account related to petitions by the public. h/t @digiphile
  11. RT @patbell: RT @cathymcmorris: Please join me in welcoming my colleague and friend @NatResources Chairman @DocHastings to @twitter!
  12. How the Hashtag Became a Campaign Battleground – The Atlantic bit.ly/sLQpIt
  13. There’s potential in #Chicago politicians using Twitter, experts say. ow.ly/7gd0r
  14. RT @nclarkjudd: MT @BuddyRoemer: For somebody shut out of debates, Twitter has been my primary stage to get message out.
  15. RT @antheawatson: Obama 2012 campaign manager @Messina2012 has hit the twitterverse. Welcome boss.
  16. Years ago politicians went to the market to engage citizens now they must go online @facebook‘s LordAllan goo.gl/BcIFV
  17. RT @ryanbeckwith: Rep. Patrick McHenry has a Facebook ad up now too. twitpic.com/79cqa8
  18. Want to run for President? You better start Tweeting. http://gigaom.com/2011/10/31/2012-presidential-race-social-media/
  19. Why Congressional Websites Matter bit.ly/vCjAex
  20. Stat of the day: 88% of social media users are registered voters bit.ly/vwpnaR
  21. Twitterology: A New Science?: nyti.ms/s52q2h
  22. 2012 Presidential Candidates Have Widely Different Levels Of Engagement On Twitterhuff.to/so8Ham
  23. Rep. @boblatta believes that the Founding Fathers would be “very happy with where we are today” thanks to social media. bit.ly/tGXmIH
  24. Rep. Waters gives floor speech composed by social media followers upset over the economybit.ly/sa2qUO

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