Weekly Links Roundup 3.28.11

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

– Abraham Lincoln

Look to the Future for Health Care Solutions: GOOD magazine gives a nod to the Institute for the Future’s insight into the possible coming advancements in health care.

unNiched(micro) Breakfast – Mobile Health: Hype and Hope: As part of the Path of the Blue Eye Project created by my good friend Fard Johnmar and his health marketing consultancy, Enspektos – the first unNiched event was created around mobile health. With Jane Sarasohn-Kahn at the helm, it was a superb event. This recap contains video and slides for your enjoyment.

Nuns Go After McDonald’s Over Childhood Obesity: Even though this was a showing of good faith (no pun intended), the corporate behemoth is most likely able to fend this one off. Interesting read though.

Four Landmines mHealth Needs to Clear [SXSW recap]: MobiHealthNews goes over the takeaways from one of the most popular panels during this year’s inaugural SXSW Health sessions – Is There Really an App for That?

Childhood Obesity Increasing in Developing World: From the Independent (one of my newer favorite sources of international news) – It is now officially not just a problem for the United States. Now, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition appears to be causing an increased number of overweight children in places within Africa and Asia. Scared yet?

Africa Turns to Cellphones for Better Health: When I first began learning about mobiles in public health, Africa was the place where this innovation was taking place – partly due to learning from Josh Nesbit and the Medic Mobile project. Mobiles are very prominent over there. We need to learn some lessons here for the States.

SXSW 2011 and Health: Dr. V of 33 Charts (who I finally got to meet in person here) gives his own recap to SXSW and thoughts to the future.

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