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Research Reports

1. Mobile
Web Will Rule by 2015
Morgan Stanley predicts the future of the
Internet and highlights important online trends…

2. New
UK standards for measuring government websites
(04/2010). http://www.coi.gov.uk/guidance.php?page=188. Highlights:

3. Making the Most of Social Media: 7 Lessons Learned from Successful Cities (03/09/2010): University of Pennsylvania Fels
Institute of Government interviewed more than two dozen early adopters
of social media. Seven distinct, practical lessons on using social media
are presented.



1. What the Web of
Tomorrow Will Look Like
(01/24/2010) Watch for these 4 big trends

2. Top
10 Mobile Trends of 2010
ReadWriteWeb presents the 10 leading trends of the Mobile Web in a
3-part series of posts including:

3. Tired of the same old network newscast (11/09/2009) Watch this fascinating National Science
Foundation Video and make your own decision whether
newscasts are here to help – or replace?


4. What
is proper digital communication
(03/2010)? “With a bit of help from our friends in the fields
of psychology and information technology, we can apply the age-old
intuitions of face-to-face conversation to whatever advances in
technology come our way.”

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