Weekly newsletter on research and best practices that will help us create a more open government


1. Government Online (04/27/2010) – New report from Pew Internet and American Life Project explores how Americans use government websites and
online resources: did you know one third of online adults use social
media to get government information?

2. Collaboration and Emerging Technologies in Government (04/26/2010) Newsletter from GSA’s Office of Citizen Services
that showcases how governments worldwide are using technology to
collaborate (3
rd in a 3-part series on Open Government).
Includes articles from government and non-government thought leaders
around the world.


3. European
Union E-Gov Benchmarking Report
(11/2009) – Best practices of European countries with
successful E-Government strategies. Major finding is the importance of
improving user experience to engage citizens.



1. Twitter highlights USGS as case study (03/2010) –
Twitter posts its first government agency example of how to use Twitter for “the business of
government,” featuring the U.S. Geological Survey

2. The Institute for Web Sciences (03/2010) UK
announces a new research institute headed by Tim Berners-Lee to research
and commercialize next generation Web 3.0 technologies.

3. The year open data went worldwide (03/2010)
– Tim Berners Lee video from TED conference about the open data
movement around the world – many excellent examples.

4. Can Mobile phones close the digital divide? (04/27/2010) Mobile phones can provide an almost instant
economic shot in the arm.


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