Weekly Newsletter on Research and Best Practices

Research Reports

1. The Impact of Social Computing on the European Union (11/19/2009): Trends about user-centric and effective services as well as new forms of civic and political participation.


2. WEB 2.0 implications on knowledge management (2009): Web 2.0 can do more than broadcast messages to a wider audience. Through simple, user-driven tools, they can help organizations capture knowledge and better understand conversations in the larger information ecosystem.



1. Government Works Better With Social Media (5/10/2010): Mashable presents 5 ways government is using social media to deliver services and engage citizens in making better policy.


2. Looking for apps that help you and your team get work done? (last updated 05/12/2010) Appopedia is a directory of 2.0 apps that help work teams be more efficient, with reviews for each tool by category and function.


3. New augmented-reality mapping technology (TED2010) Jaw-dropping video showing images that can be observed at multiple magnifications and angles letting us look around corners or “fly” in for a closer look. http://www.ted.com/talks/blaise_aguera.html

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