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We’re Hiring: Help Us Tell Our Story

Elsewhere you’d be given a product to market, or maybe even a brand. You’d be given goals like tailoring messaging for an audience segment, optimizing a landing page, or increasing market share 0.001%. And, sure, here you’ll be able to do all of that. Our team will be rolling out new and innovative products every year, all which will require creative outreach campaigns to make them successful, and it’ll be your responsibility to help identify the audience, craft the messaging, and execute the campaigns.

But that’s only the half of it. Less really.

Part marketer and part activist, part copy writer and part community organizer, you will do what is necessary to mobilize our constituents. Our organization now has over 30 members on the payroll and thousands of volunteers ready to serve, and we need someone able to understand our mission, our work, and our audience — which are often tricky and sometimes contradictory — and then craft compelling stories with that invaluable trait, a good sense of humor.

Code for America is seeking a full-time Marketing Coordinator. This is a hands-on, intense, but rewarding position that requires excellent writing, planning and management skills, as well as the interest and discretion to work with leaders in tech and government.

The Marketing Coordinator will plan and execute a full range of marketing activities, from web-based to in-person, including managing the CfA and Civic Commons websites, producing and editing blog posts, coordinating PR and event requests, and leading outreach efforts for our annual conference. But given that this is a startup, who knows what else? Some days you may be designing an ad campaign and others installing a white board; or maybe some days, you’ll be shooting a video spot in the morning, recruiting members for our selection committee in the afternoon, and then hosting your own event at night. Read: there’s a lot to do, and we need someone with the drive, talent, skill to do all that and more.

And why should you do it? We know we’re not some big corporation with amazing perks and a killer salary; we’re a nonprofit using borrowed space. We run lean. But what we have to offer is the opportunity to take on a problem as big as any out there and to do so with a group of people committed to the cause and to each other. As Clay Johnson put it, you’ll be joining the vast rational conspiracy. And in doing so, you’ll connect with a our growing network, be given new and challenging responsibilities everyday, and leave the office, having accomplished them, knowing that you and your work made a difference.

Apply now: http://codeforamerica.org/jobs/

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