What Do Lunch Trays, Mosquito Nets and Mountain Climbing Have in Common?

These were three of the thousands of projects funded and made possible through Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA)-supported charities.

The more than 4,000 charities supported by the campaign reach out to help people in our neighborhoods, across the nation and around the world. From funding a project that introduces reusable lunch trays to providing mosquito nets to allowing a woman to claim her new life on top of a mountain, the CFCNCA provides the much needed resources and programs to people and communities in need. In 2009, the CFCNCA achieved record-breaking success with Federal employees pledging more than $66.5 million.

Not only do you reach deep into your pockets, you also dedicate your time and demonstrate commitment by volunteering. You lead the way with patience and compassion every year by managing the campaign in your own departments and agencies. In our world where the pace is fast and often faceless, you reach out and deliver hope to millions of people.

The 2010 campaign officially kicks off September 8 at the Leadership Conference for campaign volunteers where the 2010 goal will be announced.

Ready to get inspired? Read stories from your colleagues and co-workers who benefitted from the charities supported by CFCNCA.

Need some basic facts? Learn about the campaign and how it can become your way to make a difference.

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