What do you get when you put a cape on dozens of city park statues?

This is kind of cool: NBC works with New York City’s Parks Department to put capes over statues of heroes, such as Harriet Tubman, to promote its new show “The Cape.” There is a social media and location-based component to this as well.

Summary here.

And Giuseppe Verdi becomes The Caped Composer of West 72nd Street.

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– I suspect a new trend!! Suggest government “capes” some of their workers. There’s plenty of government superheros who go unnoticed. Sounds like a great way to recognize star government employees!

William Herbig

In Washington such an approach could be considered “temporary commemoration.” Looking “Beyond Granite” at new global approaches to commemoration and placemaking was the topic of a recent Speaker Series event hosted by the National Capital Planning Commission last month. Video tease attached.

Erin Faehrmann

Love this idea! I call the living ones ‘Public Sector Superheroes’. Took me a few years to get people to accept and use the label; now I’m gonna move on to getting them ‘caped’! Baby steps to revolution!