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We value feedback on your experience with the CG-LIMS Acquisition Strategy wiki at http://go.usa.gov/CWp.

When we established the wiki, we committed to assessing its usefulness after three months. Your input is an important part of deciding what to do with the wiki after 9 February 2011.

Your feedback is also valuable for the group working to implement Point 25 of the 25 Point IT Management Reform Plan: “Launch interactive platform for pre-RFP agency-industry collaboration.” This wiki is certainly not that platform, but your feedback on the experience can influence what that platform looks like.

Would you be willing to take a ten-minute survey to help us?

Click here to take the survey: http://svy.mk/hd1yni

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Hey Dan-

Love the first take and I think there’s lot here to build upon.

Some ideas I have that I think are essential for
Launch interactive platform for pre-RFP agency-industry collaboration

-Need to spend time thinking through who are stakeholders you want to reach, what are the engagement lines

-Need to prove clear instructions and training and call to action on what you want people to do
-Need to do a lot of marketing and outreach – not just build it and then they will come
-Need to think through the outcomes hoping for – more input from different types of vendors that don’t normally participate, increased #s

-Agree with you that eventual platform is more than just wiki but a mix of multiple collaborative solutions

Dan Taylor

Thanks for the feedback Steve!

I’ll share all the results of the survey once it’s closed. Later this evening I’ll post a link to some preliminary results. I’ve heard from 25 folks so far. Unfortunately the free version of the tool doesn’t let me share results in real time or I’d just drop a link here.