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What do you think?

We value feedback on your experience with the CG-LIMS Acquisition Strategy wiki at When we established the wiki, we committed to assessing its usefulness after three months. Your input is an important part of deciding what to do with the wiki after 9 February 2011. Your feedback is also valuable for the group workingRead… Read more »

Wiki support from the top

(cross posted on CG-LIMS Project Blog in Intelink-U) Support from the top of the DHS Procurement organization that is. Today’s post will be a repeat for some of you who heard this at the last staff meeting, but it’s important enough that I want to make sure everyone gets the message. Short version: The newRead… Read more »

Your next steps for REBOOT

(cross posted on CG-LIMS Project Blog in Intelink-U) Today I want to quickly give you an update on the work of the REconsider Best OptiOns Team (REBOOT) study and tell you specifically how you can help. As we executed our current strategy, we saw it grow to big, too risky, and too costly. We startedRead… Read more »

Help from everywhere

(cross posted on CG-LIMS Project Blog on Intelink-U) This week we’re going to inviting industry (and anyone!) to participate in a forum where we will: Share as much as we can to help industry help us deliver CG-LIMS Solicit input on acquisition strategy Provide a public forum for Questions and Answers We’ll do all threeRead… Read more »

How does GSA fail?

According to Ms. Martha Johnson, the Administrator of the General Services Administration, they try to fail fast, fail forward, and fail fruitfully. Ms. Johnson was the keynote speaker for the second day of the Coast Guard’s 10th annual “Innovation Expo” in Tampa, Florida earlier this month. I couldn’t attend, but I watched the streaming videoRead… Read more »