What does everyone think of this: Obama announces two-year federal pay freeze

Just curious as to what everyone thinks of the pay freeze.


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Ed Albetski

I don’t think it will come to furloughs, the cost of the loss of productivity is too high.

While I expected this, I am still irritated by the rhetoric from the supporters of this action. Their rallying cry is that public sector workers are paid more than private sector workers and are therefore overpaid. What they and particualrly the Cato Institute do not see is that the blue collar jobs in the public sector are private sector jobs because these are contracted. Thus public sector jobs are mostly white collar. I question the private sector job mix that they say is comparable.

Scott Durbin

Why is it that the solution is always in salaries to workers? Why are we still giving money to those countries that fail to support the war on terrorism? Why do we not just cut back on the bilions we are giving them? ANd why is it so important to spend millions on the habitas of insects and other minutia when our deficit is so large? Or is all this just making to much sense and the COnbgressiional Millionaires in office can’t accept common sense.