What does Netflix, Southwest Airlines, and dental whitening strips have in common?

They are all disruptive innovations!

With budgets tightening, what can the public sector learn from decades of disruptive innovations in the private sector?

Find out in the new Deloitte report, “Public sector, disrupted”http://ow.ly/8AO9V

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Audrey Vaughn

Good question.
Some examples include:
– Unmanned Arial Vehicles which disrupted fighter jets
– Electronic monitoring disrupting the prison system
– Online learning disrupting K-12 education
– Open Source intelligence disrupting the Intel sector

There are case studies (in addition to the full report) for each of these examples (and more) through this link: http://ow.ly/8AO9V

Steve Cottle

Hi Audrey – I love the concept of “breaking trade-offs.” Seems like it would be a good option to consider in attacking any problem. Great cases – look forward to reading the full report!