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What if all government employees were trained on how to save energy at work and at home?

That would be 50 million plus who would understand how to lower greenhouse gas emissions! WOW!

Once their families and friends know what they can specifically do in daily life practices and in their offices.

So let’s ask ourselves, what if 50 million people in the US actually change their consumption behavior? What if lights were turned off when not in use? Look around your offices. Who is using that room that has lights on? Did you know your TV at home used 25% of its energy when it is turned off? How many TV’s do you have? How about your co workers and friends? So much to learn can yet these efforts can make such a difference.

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

Better yet – stop using offices altogether. Homes use 50% less energy than offices and are not normally funded using government funds. This also avoids commutes, reducing energy consumption by 100%.