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Just a few weeks ago I thought to myself, “I should really start posting to this blog every day.” Almost as soon as I had that thought, the number of things vying for my attention during the week, and the number of hours I need to spend on them, went through the roof. And I’ve hardly had a chance to post since. (And when I have, I feel like the posts have been off message a bit).

So while I try to get my routine settled in again to the point where I can write at least twice a week, here’s a quick post about what I’m doing with my time right now:

1. Helping some friends with their new venture.

Some friends of mine recently launched a startup that I think could be really big. Like all startups, their 1.0 product needs some iterating to get to the right product/market fit (that link points to one of my favorite blog posts, by Mark Andreesen). So I’m pitching in to help them get to that spot. Once it does, I think it should take off like wildfire. And I think we all could be using their product in another two years. (And if not theirs, then some competitor with a similar idea). More about this later.

2. Working on an undercover idea with friends of a friend.

A few months ago a friend put me in touch with some friends of hers who work out of Paris and do some interesting things around innovation. Innovation of everything is what they do, really – big, small, web, real-world, etc. And they’ve hit on a good formula for doing it, making it smart, and making it pay. They’re considering a new arm of their business, and I’m starting to help them get it going. This has been really fun, really interesting. We’ll see in the next few months where it goes and what comes of it. Hopefully I’ll be talking more about it.

3. Working on an “early morning venture” with a friend.

Back in November, a friend of mine had an idea to start a site that would only take a couple of hours of our time a week, that we could nurture over time into making us good chunk of money. (This was the basis of that post I wrote, “The Other Kind of Entrepreneur“). He and I try to meet once or twice a week, review and make all of the executive decisions for the venture for the week, and put them in motion. It’s kind of an entrepreneurial club for two, with real stakes at play. Like an ongoing chess game. It has been building slowly, and it’s really fun to watch it grow. Will we make money on it? I think so. Is it fun and am I learning a lot? Definitely. Is it something that you might read about in TechCrunch some day, or that will get me invited to TED? Definitely not.

4. Everything else.

I’ve been obsessed lately with events in Libya as reported on through Twitter, and that has been eating up a huge chunk of whatever spare time I ordinarily have. Whenever I’m not on the clock for some project, I’m checking Twitter search on my phone to see what the latest is there. What amazing developments, what an amazing human drama, and what amazing new uses of tech. It seems like an unexpected benefit of technology has suddenly made itself known (the ability to disrupt dictatorships) and we’re getting to watch it unfold in realtime. Where will it go? That’s what keeps me checking in.

Also: Trying to occasionally post to DIYcity, advising some cool startups, dealing with family-wide with flus, and… spring break up in Canada (which is how I have time to write this right now).

So that’s all of the stuff that has been pulling me away from blogging. As I say, hopefully it will settle into a pattern and I’ll be able to resume a twice-a-week or more routine soon. I want to start blogging more, and start tying it in to numbers 1 and especially 2 above. It feels like there’s some very good synergy going on with things I’m working on right now, and this blog could really amplify that — if I ever get a chance to write to it…

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