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What is FedBizOpps and How Do I Utilize It

A largely known website for federal procurement opportunities is Federal Business Opportunities, it can be located at www.fedbizopps.gov. This site has government contract opportunities greater than $25,000. There are several ways
to utilize this site and search for potential government contract work. Within the search engine of this website you may use anyone of these methods to locate potential contracts for supplies or services.

  • Solicitation Number – The agency advertising contract work
    for supplies and/or services provides a solicitation number that more than
    likely begins with the federal agencies acronym.
  • NAICS Code – Products or services that is provided by your
    company is classified under the North American Industrial Classification System
    (NAICS). You should already have access to this information if you have
    completed your Central Contractor Registration, to view your code you may visit
  • Dates – You may search for a potential federal contract
    that was posted within three days up to sixty days.
  • Procurement Classification Code – This code is also known
    as the Federal Supply Classification Code (FSC), you may also use this code to
    conduct market research.
  • Agency – If you are aware of the agency that has posted the
    federal contract opportunity you may locate the solicitation.

Once you have located a potential RFQ/RFP you will see several links on the web page. For example, there could be a solicitation with an original synopsis, a solicitation, and modification. I have provided a short list of terms and
their meanings that could assist you.

  • Synopsis – Brief description of the requirement which
    includes the original date the agency posted.
  • Solicitation – Elaborated description of supplies and/or
    services required by the agency
  • Modification/Amendment – Changes that have been
    incorporated into the solicitation.
  • Award – A contract that has been provided to the selected

You should remember that each action that is made to the solicitation provides a date the action took place. You should also take notice to key information within the solicitation that will assist you in your proposal submission process, such as:

  • Solicitation number
  • Date the response closes
  • Classification codes
  • If any set asides are listed
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Type of Contract
  • Length of time the contract award will be in action
  • Estimated value of the contract
  • Clauses
  • Delivery dates
  • Point of Contact

As mentioned in previous posts FedBizOpps is not the only site used to research opportunities, but it is one of the most utilized. For more information on other government contract websites used refer to our posts, “Top 5 Government Contract Websites”.

NOTE: FedBizOpps is also used as a means to Request for Information, Search for Sources, Special Notices, and Pre-Solicitations.

For contract assistance contact Procurement Source Solutions 800-267-7640

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Travis Pearl

Great summary of FedBizOpps Ilene, it is a great resource for those looking to get started in federal government contracting. One tip for new contractors utilizing fedbizopps search function: make sure you look up and understand the search operators on fedbizopps. A search for “macbook”, “mac book” and “mac AND book” all return very different results. You can learn more about the search operators on fedbizopps by visiting their Search Tips help page at: https://www.fbo.gov/utils/tips?tip=search

I work for Onvia and we just published a blog post on how to grow your federal contracting business beyond FedBizOpps as you start to search for state and local government opportunities and build relationships with key agencies in your target geography. You can view the blog post here: http://onvia.com/blog/fedbizopps-there-is-a-better-way-to-grow-your-business-with-federal-government-contracting

Thanks again for providing the great FedBizOpps resource Ilene!

j. Mbote

I have been trying to reset my password without success. There is no email contact and when I go through I forgot my password I get no email to reset. Who should I contact? It has been over two Months trying.