What is your ” Plan B” ??

From snow storms to floods to flu, what makes you ready ? Will some ginger ale, salteens, chicken soup and a flash light be enough to get by with ? Do you trust WebMD or FaceBook friends or Ready.Gov for preparation advice?

Will social networking sites be of any use? Twitter can help mobilize people on a grand scale. Does twitter work for the small scale office? IMO – no. As volunteers strangers can come together to do great things. Unfortunately this does not work in the office. No one can just have a stranger walk in off the street and sit at a computer terminal to work. What makes for a good “Plan B” ?

What makes the office ready? When five people are out sick should vacation and family time be canceled for those who can work? Should contractors or temps part of “Plan B” ? At what point can contractors be called in to help out?

Inquiring minds want to know. What is your “Plan B”

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