What are your Top Business Problems?

Hello GovLoop Community and welcome to my new blog.

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Career Update: I am happy to announce that on January 18, 2011 I joined AIIM as the Manager of Systems of Engagement division under Jesse Wilkins, Director of Systems of Engagement. This team is a new business area for AIIM, as its only about 3 months old, yet both Jesse and I bring expertise and real practical experience to the table in our efforts to grow this area. It’s been a busy first few weeks as I have jumped right into my role as a thought leader bringing my expertise on Enterprise 2.0 from a Government 2.0 perspective. I leave my former role as Director of Enterprise 2.0 at Navstar, Inc out of Reston, Virginia and all-around innovative muse in the Government community with no regrets, but the utmost respect as I bring that experience to AIIM.

In joining the Systems of Engagement team, we are setting the stage for an exciting first half of 2011. I hope that with this first blog post, my readers will come back to share their knowledge as well as read what I have to offer in the realm of Social Business, as not only a thought leader, but as a peer. This blog is not intended to be a series of ramblings as mostly found on my personal website, but as a conversation on how the world of social business is constantly changing the way we communicate with one another inside and outside of the firewall.

I also plan a busy year of speaking engagements and participation at events covering Government 2.0 (I will be at Gov2LA this weekend and have submitted to GTEC). I also have plans to present both nationally and internationally throughout the year. I hope to hear from AIIM community members for which events I should be aware of and when the calls for presentations are announced. You can always give me a heads up on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIN, outside of this blog if you feel more comfortable sharing through other social media means. I should also remind you, that our own Systems of Engagement team is putting on our first virtual conference this September 8, 2011. Our call for presentations ends this February 18, 2011. So I recommend putting your thoughts down and submitting them as soon as you can.

In addition to blogging on here, I will continue to resume blogging at the AIIM Community Blogs and on my personal website. I will also be happy to learn more from you all offline and via email as my job is to learn from your experiences in order to share lessons learned and better the community through guidance and education, provided by AIIM. In fact, I just came back from Denver where Jesse, Atle Skjekkeland, and I had our first strategy session for our division and set our goals for this year. I am very excited about what we plan to achieve and will be sharing with you, our community in the very near future.

As now you have gotten to know me a little, I would like to know a little about you, through a short 10-question survey I created, Click here to take survey. I would like to know your top business problems. My goal is to get the top 100 business problems in all areas of business, be it industry or Government. You can help me by sharing this survey as widely as possible through social media links.

I would like to thank you all in advance for helping me with your feedback and survey participation and look forward to a healthy and fruitful discussion with each and every one of you in 2011 and beyond. I am looking forward to taking this next step in my career to not only better myself, but to better you and your organizations.

See you at an event soon

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Andrea Baker

Thank you Jeff. I’ve getting some good feedback in the survey already, but the more the better. I want to know as many of your business problems as possible. If the form doesn’t allow you to rant enough, I take emails!