What would you ask for if you could request one federal law?

I would love to have a megaphone that goes straight to President Obama’s ear, and have him deal with my problem. We all have problems, and maybe some of them are ones that we desperately need solved. However, unless Obama decides to G+ chat with you, they may go unnoticed. I can think of something I would yell at Obama: “Thanks for making it so I have health insurance until I’m 26. Now can you please do the same with dental insurance?!” Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that. But if it did, What executive order would you ask Obama sign into law?

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Peter Sperry

Much as they would like to, Presidents can not sign executive orders into law. EOs do not have the force of law (thankfully) and can be revised or repealed by subsequent President’s with the stroke of a pen. Laws must go through the legislative process and gain the support of the people’s representatives.

If there was one law I would like to seen enacted by Congress and signed by the President, it would be sunset legislation requiring all government regulations to be come null and void after 5 years unless enacted int statute through the legislative process and requiring all enacted legislation to become null and void after 25 years unless reenacted through the legislative process.

Corey McCarren

Ah, you learn (or remember) something new every day! I considered double checking that, but I was pretty sure that was the way it is so I hoped and went for it!