What would you ask the Secretary of the Navy?

I will be speaking directly with the Secretary of the Navy later next week, focused on the use of Social and Collaborative tools to more efficiently meet their mission. Would you like to take part by giving me a question to ask the Secretary?

Feel free to leave a comment, DM me on Twitter, or simply e-mail me your questions. I will try to summarize and use some of the best ones for the discussion.


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Patrick Quinn

I’m interested in how USN is using social media to promote its message to the public, and also how social media/new tech has changed shipboard operations. I have to imagine that even the simple business of keeping logs has changed beyond belief since my day

Sterling Whitehead

Question for SON: If DoD has a joint social media policy, then why not a joint secure social networking site? The Army has MilBook, but the Navy was pursuing it’s own secure social networking site a few months ago through Red Rock. This seems like a duplication of services. What are the reasons for this purchase?


For SecNav: Will deployment of social/collaborative tools and access be controlled at the Command level? How would individual units be able to ensure “EMCON” (emissions control) in tactical scenarios? We have documented problems with distracted drivers “Driving While Texting” so you can see the implications with hundreds (or on a Carrier, thousands) of possible data leaks.
Also, how would these tools be used by Recruiting and Training Commands? And by Reserve personnel who may have access to “better” tools/accounts in their civilian employment?