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Evolution is the beacon of culture, says Bough of Pepsi Co., and it only gets quicker with time, as exemplified by the iPad and other new forms of technology. Children today are being raised on the Internet, iPads, laptops, and X-Boxes. As a matter of fact, children try to swipe magazines and don’t understand why it doesn’t work like an iPad. Through this new technology, we are less able to operate because we expect everything to work for us. He believes this new technology can be like a gateway drug but this new reality is a fact, a fact that companies must adapt to.

Companies which cannot adapt to this new digital social do not survive. An example? Borders Books failed because of Amazon, a company that adapted to digital technology. The ability to make these changes to fit in with this digital environment is no different than physical fitness. It takes hard work and effort, and doesn’t happen in a day but should begin as soon as possible. This digital environment that must be adapted to is

  • Mobile Media
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment media (video games, videos)

Bough finished by pointing out that companies can cross platforms, like video media which can be mobile, social, and entertainment, such as videos. His finale was to show a video that crossed all three platforms created by Pepsi Co.

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